New Year !

The New Year is here and it’s time to refresh and put new things into action.

Before talking about 2013, I want to share my favorite saying:

“I will hold myself to a standard of Grace not perfection.”

The New Year will bring challenges, but wisdom, intentionality and planning will help you navigate through it.


Some areas to focus on this 2013:

  • Finances /Debt Payoff
  • Health/Fitness
  • Work/Life Balance

Finances/Debt Payoff:

This is the foundation for freedom. Look for resources on websites like, to find classes on budgeting, financial planning and learning about credit. No matter what type of debt you carry, educate yourself on who you owe and how much. Once this is established, take control and make a plan to pay it down. For those living debt free, focus this year on building your savings and credit score. You can open a credit card account to pay for car insurance or gas. This will establish an active credit line and build your credit score throughout 2013. Budgeting is also important for the New Year. This will allow you to save money and know how you should spend it. Budgeting can make life seem restrictive,  but actually,  it gives you freedom, allowing you to make purchases without stress and avoid unnecessary over draft fees.

Health/fitness: “The gyms are packed at the start of the year.”  That may be a cliché, but it’s true. Make it your goal to find a new exercise to do for at least 30 minutes a day or 1 hr/3days a week. Physical activity is not just for people with weight issues, but for living your best life.

Here are some of the most popular physical activities:

Zumba – a popular Columbian dance fitness program.  Check out more at

Spin –  working out on a stationary bike in a fitness studio. Various music and lighting is used to create an upbeat atmosphere.

Hot yoga – also known as Bikram yoga. It uses the same standard poses, but is more vigorous and performed in a heated room with temperatures at 100 degrees and higher.

Running – make it fun by joining a running club or signing up for a marathon. Either way, running keeps you in great shape and helps you live a more healthy life.






Work/Life Balance :

This means, GET OUT THE HOUSE!!! … lol.  Enjoy yourself with a cooking or photography class. Check out and for great daily deals and getaways. Make happiness and fun a priority so life doesn’t slip away or become mundane.

Hope these tips and tricks for the New Year have been helpful in kicking it off with a BANG!

Tune in next week on the Biocare Blog for the topic: vitamins and nutrients: caring for YOU!!

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Holiday Parties, Men & Women’s Fashion

Dressing to impress is apart of the holidays and today I will give everyone the low-down on the best fashion trends. Anytime you want to put together a look for a party, dinner or event, let it reflect your personal style.

Personal style is being comfortable and happy with what you see in the mirror. Not following trends or expectations of society. Many times, people take inspiration from runway shows, entertainers and pervious fashion throughout the decades.

In todays blog I will give insight into today’s classic and trendy looks for this holiday season.

Men’s Fashion Staples:

-       dark wash jeans

-       skinny tie

-       bow tie

-       bright colored button down shirt

-       crisp white shirt

-       hats

-       dress shoes

-       watch, bracelet, ring

See some of the fashion examples below. The whole outfit may not be your personal style, but try to adapt one or two things into your wardrobe for a holiday dinner or New Years.



Women’s Fashion Staples

- Peplum

- Sheer

- Blazers

- Little black dress

- Skater Dress

- Knee high boots

- Statement necklace

- Black pumps

- Body conscious

See some women’s fashion examples below for a little inspiration on your next shopping trip. TIP: Be portioned in your outfit. If your going to wear a mini skirt, pair it with a nice turtleneck and statement necklace. Also be mindful of proportions while wearing accessories. Do not pair long earrings, necklace and belt together, as they will clash. Pick only a few things that will compliment the outfit.





Overall this is a great season to buy a lot of wardrobe staples on sale, after Christmas and New Years. Hope you enjoyed this week Biocare labs blog post. Check us out next week on the topic: “End Year Review and You “ .

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Protect and refresh your Holiday Style

Last week we talked about fabulous hairstyles for the holidays. This week I’ll give you tips and tricks for refreshing those styles for the next day.

First of all, no matter your race or heritage, a silk pillowcase and/or scarf are your nighttime friends. Cotton pillowcases strip the hair of natural oil and cause excessive shedding and breakage. Using a silk scarf and pillowcase stops frizz and keeps your hairstyle from dryness.

Another great tip for keeping up the holiday hair is using holding gel, sprays and serums . These products help curls, waves and braids to hold tighter and longer throughout the night and into the next day.

A great tip for your leftover curls is the pin curl method. Once the night is done, take bobby pins and medium sections of hair. Wind the curls in a circle, flat on the scalp and pin in place. Wrap with your silk scarf for hold and take it down in the morning.

Here’s a quick tip for adding volume to straight hair. During your shower, add large rollers in the hair and cover with a grocery store plastic bag. Keep wrapped throughout the hot shower and take down right before leaving out the door.

These tips and tricks will keep your hair looking fabulous day after day, house after house and party after party all through the night. Looking good is a mission you can complete by prepping your hair before styling at night and in the morning. Stay tuned next week for our blog topic: “Men and women’s holiday fashion.” For more from Biocare Labs and Lindsey m. Adams click the link to Facebook.

Holiday Hair-do’s

The Holidays are officially here…and so are the Parties, Parties and PARTIES. The holidays are a time for fellowship, family and friends and a great time to try a new look for your hair. In this blog post by Biocare Labs, we’ll talk more about some fabulous holiday Hair-do’s

For your office party, depending on the environment, you may want to try a classic bun and or beach waves. The Classic bun can be achieved with medium or long hair. Purchase a hair donut, or make one with a sock. See a DIY tutorial here.


If your hair is shorter, add hair extensions and wrap it around the donut to create a beautiful, false high hair bun.


Beach waves are a less classic look for standard curls. Waves create an effortless look while adding volume and texture to your hair. Your locks will have a lot of movement while you slide onto the dance floor.


Sleek and Straight: Start with very clean and well-conditioned hair. Use a rounded or paddle brush and a blow dryer. Brush hair in a downward motion. TIP: (do not let your hair air dry and use a nourishing heat protector. Using your flat iron will create a sleek and super straight look. For women with kinkier hair, try the comb method when flat ironing. See a tutorial here.  This style is perfect for dinner at in-law’s and family houses.



Curls: Curls make hair fun and fabulous and are perfect for New Years Eve. The best curls are with an iron with ceramic plates, which combats frizz. Also, try using a curling wand for more perfection and a more uniformed look. Standard curling irons and curlers like: curlformers, straw sets and perm rods will also give a great hold. TIP: Curl your hair earlier and use bobby pins to pin the hair to the scalp to let the curls set throughout the day. This is especially healthy for women with fine or limp hair.


Hope you achieve the perfect look for your holiday season. Make sure to check out next week’s blog: ” Protect and Fresh your Hair Styles ” For more from Biocare Labs check us out on Facebook and more from me, Lindsey m. Adams, on Facebook as well, see ya’ll soon.



Styling Staples

Last week, we talked about developing a good hair regimen. Today, we’ll discuss how to get wonderful, beautiful hairstyles with a few basic styling staples.

These tools and accessories will help create beautiful beach waves, up-do’s, curls and many more fabulous styles.  

 Styling Staples:

#1 Wide Tooth/Shower Comb:

Needed to detangle your hair and remove excess shedding. The wide teeth prevent unnecessary styling damage and breakage.


#2 Blow Dryer: Needed to dry the hair after shampoos and conditioning.  Also used to lengthen natural hair before styling. Make sure to purchase a blow dryer with various heat settings to prevent heat damage.


#3 Flat Iron: Used to straighten kinky or curly hair and can also be used on straight hair to achieve a sleek look without frizz. You can also use a flat iron to create fun curls. Curls create body and frame your face without cutting the hair. To ensure you don’t have suffer from damage use a nourishing heat protector.  


#4 Rollers: Prolonged heat use dries and damages the hair. You can achieve the same look without a curling iron or wand.

Types of rollers:

-       Plastic rollers

-       Felix rods

-       Perm rods

-       Curlform Rollers


 #5 Brushes: Brushes smooth and detangle the hair. Use a brush prior to styling and throughout the day as the hair begins to tangle.  Brushes can smooth the hair and keep it from frizzing.

Brush options:

 -Paddle brush

- Denman brush

- Hard bristle brush  

#6 Bobby Pins/Hair Ties, clips and headbands: Once your hair is styled, you’ll need various accessories to help it stay in place.  Bobby pins are perfect for buns and braids and hair scarves and headbands pull back bangs and add style. Think of hair accessories like adding a belt to a dress or cardigan.


With these fantastic 6 tools, your hair will stand out in the crowd and can be the greatest accessory in your daily look.

Stay tuned next week for Biocare Labs and Lindsey m. Adams  for the topic:

 “ Styling your hair for the holidays.“


Hair Regimen

What do you need for a good hair regimen?

Breakage is caused by a lack of protein or moisture. A good hair care regimen is needed to keep a consistent balance of these key ingredients. In this post, I will run down some of the key products for building a good hair regimen.


What is included in a hair regimen?

This is a list of the main products for a good hair regimen.  You can add or subtract products, depending on your hair texture and type.

-       Pre-poo : is a conditioner used on the hair prior to a shampoo. It places moisture into the hair before shampooing. Purchase a less expensive pre- poo conditioner because it will be quickly rinsed out.

-       Shampoo: used to clean the scalp and hair strands of any product build up. It should clean the hair, but not leave it feeling stripped of all moisture.

-       Conditioner: should be rich in ingredients that moisturize the hair from the shampooing process and dryness from the week.


-       Deep conditioners: are used weekly or monthly and enriched with ingredients that infuse the hair with extra moisture, keeping it healthy and strong.

-       Moisturizers: can be purchased in a spray, cream or lotion.  Used to add moisture and prevent the hair from becoming hard and brittle, which can cause breakage. Use it during the week as your hair becomes dry.

-       Sealer: Once a moisturizer is applied it must be sealed with an oil or butter to keep the moisture locked in. You can also use butters and oils on the scalp to prevent dandruff and itching.  Examples: coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

-       Styling cream, gel or lotion: setting lotions, curl creams and gels, allow your hair to shape and mold into styles such as: curls, twists, braids and high ponytails.

-       Heat protector:  used any time heat is applied to the hair using blow dryers, flat irons, curling wands and hair dryers. This prevents damage to your curl pattern.  It also protects against breakage and excessive shedding.

-       Trims – necessary to keep growing healthy hair from root to tips. Make sure to trim your ends every 6-8 weeks.


Give yourself a challenge this winter and spring to grow your hair a few inches before summer. Track your length with a measuring tape every three months. A good hair care regimen will keep the strands clean, moisturized, strong and protected throughout each season. You may have to try a few different products before finding your staples.  Also, you can research videos, forums and blogs to help you decide before making your purchase.  This will help you make better decisions for your hair which is your greatest accessory.

Stay tuned next week to the Biocare Blog: Building your Hair Styling Drawer. Check our blogger Lindsey m. Adams and Biocare Labs on Face book.

Thanksgiving Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving, Special Message from Biocare Labs.

Hello Everyone

We want to say thank you to each one of you, for supporting Biocare Labs. We take pride in making products for beautiful looking hair and skin. This season, take time to be thankful and grateful for the small and large things in life. Before the turkey is cut and black friday starts, take time to call your family, visit a friend or relax by yourself.

As a special Thanksgiving Thank You, we are holding a contest until this Monday November 26th. We are giving away one $100 Walmart gift Card,  one $50 Walgreens gift card and 3 product Prize Packs of your favorite Biocare brands.

Watch this video for all details and follow all the instructions for your chance to win.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.

Transition & Protective Styles

So you’ve decided to go natural… you’re going for it, but now what?

In last week’s Biocare Blog, I discussed how to transition your hair from relaxed to natural.  Now that you have the knowledge, it’s still important to practice healthy styling, while looking and feeling your best.

What are Protective Styles and why should I wear them?

Protective styles help stop breakage while allowing faster hair growth. These styles also prevent less tension from brushes, combs and other heating tools. Using protective styles keep your hair away from pollutants and damaging natural elements. For women who are transitioning, this is especially helpful to protect the weaker relaxed ends while the kinkier/curlier hair grows. The two textures are very different and can make styling challenging.

The most popular protective styles are micro braids or box braids. To achieve this style, use synthetic kankolean or human hair to braid into your own.  This creates either thick or small braids. These braids can be braided down to the ends or left partially loose.

Lock extensions are another great style. You can have a fresh new look and the appearance of dreadlocks.  Lock extensions allow for the hair to be changed more often. Maintenance will be needed to tighten up the new growth, but this style will give your natural hair a break.

Wigs and weaves also protect your hair during the relaxed to natural transition. Wigs are more affordable because a stylist is not needed to sew in the hair extensions. You can find wigs at various prices, depending on the type of hair. Choose from synthetic, human, remi or virgin hair. The more expensive wigs can be a smart investment because they can be cut, dyed and texturized. The same options are available for weft/bundled hair extensions that can be styled for a quick weave, fusion, clip –ins or sew in.

Transitioning styles help blend the natural and relaxed textures together without adding extensions.

While you are transitioning, it’s best and healthiest to style your relaxed hair into a curly style. Trying to straighten the new kinky/curly hair while transitioning will cause damage to the curl pattern, causing it to thin or shed. Learning how to twist, braid or roller set will help create new styles for your natural hair.

Some popular examples of transitioning styles are below:

  • Cornrows:  Add synthetic hair to create braids going backwards in a simple style or create more unique designs.
  • Bantu knot –out: Sectioning the hair to create knots that are loosened in the morning to create waves.
  • Braid/twist outs: Creating braids with 2 or3 strand twists on multiple sections of the hair.  Un-do the hair in the morning or after sitting under the dryer, to create a curl definition.
  • Roller sets: Use different size rollers and setting lotion  to smooth and define the hair using a hair dryer.
  • Flat twist out:  Braid 2 strand twists to the scalp.  Let the hair dry until it creates a curly defined look matching both hair textures.

You are now more prepared to start your natural hair journey.  Stay tuned next week to the Biocare Blog: Creating a hair regimen. Check our blogger Lindsey m. Adams and Biocare Labs on Face book.

Transitioning: Relaxed to Natural

So, are you  thinking about going natural?

First, ask yourself why.  Is your hair unhealthy? Are you looking to try something new?

Do you want to see your curl pattern or do you want to look like Mariah Carey or Tracey Ellis Ross?

All of these are good reasons, but most importantly,  you have to consider the health of your hair while transitioning.   There is a BIG difference between your relaxed hair and your natural hair. It is important to take care of both textures and find products that will prevent breakage and excessive shedding.

As new growth appears at the root of the scalp, it will be much thicker than your relaxed ends. It’s important to incorporate extra moisture into your hair regiment with a good shampoo and conditioner. If your hair starts shedding more than normal, think about adding a natural protein into your conditioner, or buying some protein-based products.


There are many ways to go natural.

BC, also known as the BIG CHOP, is the most aggressive or extreme way to start. Doing the big chop requires shaving or cutting off all the processed ends of your hair at once. This can be a scary thought for many women because it requires wearing the hair extremely short.  But, there are some added benefits. After the BC, you wont have two different hair textures, which will make styling a lot easier. You will also learn and adjust to your new natural hair.

If you’re up for the styling challenge, there are lots of transitioning styles that will merge the two different textures together. Some examples are: bantu knot-outs, twists, braid outs and roller sets.  Make sure to NOT straighten your new growth, excessively to match your relaxed ends. This will damage your curl pattern and may cause breakage.

If styling your hair often seems like a daunting task, protective styles such as: micro braids, bantu knots, wigs and hair extensions are some good options.  This camouflages the two textures and no styling is needed for blending.

If you decide to use transitioning or protective styles, cut your ends little by little while your hair grows. Eventually,  leaving your hair completely natural.

Many women want to stop using relaxers,  but like to wear their hair straight. This is a good decision that may result in healthier hair and length retention. Start by stretching out your relaxer appointments to two or three times a year.

There is a lot of versatility when it comes to natural hair and gives you an opportunity to discover something new about yourself. It takes time to adjust to the look of natural hair, but it is a freeing experience.  I did the Big Chop in September 2009 and have never looked back.


Stay tuned on Biocare Labs Blog for next week’s topic: transitioning styles with Lindsey m Adams.



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